our favorites

Here's a list of some of our personal favorite places to eat and drink in the area!

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atlas pizza

if you bring your own vegan cheese, they'll use it!

blue point grill

request the vegan menu

house of hong

request the vegan menu

thai elephant 

can make most dishes vegan (is byob)

roosterfish pub

offers a beyond burger and seitan tacos 

el rancho mexican

will sub tofu in any dish

great escape ice cream

always has several vegan flavors

veraisons at glenora

many vegan options including a cheese plate!

the cellar

many vegan options including a cheese plate!


awesome huge salads, tofu and falafel




castel grisch


barry's family cellars

glenora winery

chateau lafayette reneau



grist iron

starkeys lookout

climbing bines

two goats